Why your wedding is not complete without a photo booth?

24 Aug Why your wedding is not complete without a photo booth?

2016-6-25-66895ANowadays weddings are characterized by bridal selfies and captivating hashtags. It is no surprise that photo booths have become a must have addition to any wedding lately. Classic black tie events such as weddings make the ideal setting for photo booths.  The addition of a photo booth has a magical way of livening up the atmosphere of a wedding and allowing guests to get comfortable. Combine it with amazing props and you will bring fun and laughter to a special event to help everyone loosen up a little.

Not sure if a photo booth will a fantastic addition to your wedding? Here are a few reasons to convince you to get one for your big day:

Keep everyone entertained

There are some people who perhaps dread attending weddings. So, you may have great plans, hire a DJ to rock the party and ensure you never run out of classic cocktails. Nonetheless, dancing and drinking is perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea. How do you keep the young kids and teenagers at the event engaged and out of trouble? The answer to your concerns is a Photo booth! Guests will not want to miss an opportunity strike a pose in their tuxedos and bridesmaid dresses. That moment when granny and the kids step into the booth holding a fake moustache on stick and wearing giant geeky sun glasses, batman masks etc. nobody will be able to hold back a smile.

Say thank you – In a special way!

As the host you want to thank your guests for making time to attend your special occasion. Well nothing says thank you for showing up like a personalized photo strip. Save yourself the trouble of buying gifts to say show your appreciation. The amazing photo strips guests take home as souvenirs will remind them how they had a blast at your wedding many years later. Ensure there is a captivating logo design, personalized message along with the date to go along with it.

Create amazing mementos

All the special moments of your wedding have been captured by your official wedding photographer. How about the moment your aunt Monica is holding up the “I Still Got It!” sign wearing the princess crown? These are the amazing and unforgettable moments that a photo booth will capture. What’s more, the guests get to keep their own physical printouts to remember for many years to come.

Loosen up – A little!

The official wedding photographer is an expert and will be able to capture classic photos of the married couple and other great family photos. These are photos that you will treasure forever, however, the spontaneous photo booth shoots are also of great value. Photo booths will provide the opportunity for everyone to loosen up a little, take some unrehearsed photos and simply go crazy! It can be as wacky as you wish, enjoy great photo moments with your family, maids of honor, groomsmen etc.

Make Everyone Connect

Occasions such as weddings bring friends and family together. With today’s busy lifestyles people hardly meet, it is great if they got to connect and socialize during such rare moments. The photo booth is the ideal meeting place as everyone queues for their turn at snapping amazing individual and group photos. Who knows, the next couple might just meet inside the photo booth!

Your dream wedding should be unforgettable, a photo booth will capture these moments and get people ranting about your big day long after it ended. Book Flashy Photo Booth for your wedding today!


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